Visit of Professor Guy Smagghe

3-5/12/2017, the FFWS received a visit from prof. Dr. ir. Guy Smagghe, eminent scientist from Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at UGent, Belgium.

Prof. Smagghe´s research activities are focused on insect physiology, molecular biology, applied ecology, crop protection and on mechanisms underlying the evolutionary success of insects against the plethora of (a)biotic challenges in the environment. His scientific interest is also in pollination services of pollinators/wild bees in agriculture.

Visit of prof. Smagghe had mutual positive impact. First of all, EXTEMIT-K leaders led with prof. Smagghe scientific discussion on pest management application in forest which brought new ideas as well as possibility to joint further scientific collaboration. Prof. Smagghe was also impressed with newly opened EXTEMIT-K labs and its highly developed equipment. 

To sum up, meeting is of great importance to the future bilateral international collaboration with Ghent University.