The June Project Team Meeting

Information on topics as the current state of public procurements, update at recruitment of post-docs and PhD assistants and “Microsoft Teams” Cloud application was given.

Prof. Schlyter summarized the most important progress of the first half a year time of project implementation. There´s been a post-docs hiring process almost finished and some PhD students recruited, 11 public procurements running (7 of them are opened with 1,3 mil. EURO in total, 4 of them are in preparation with 0,5 mil. EURO in total), ongoing collaboration and communication with international scientific partners (Canada, Norway,  Poland) and preparation of project presentation during 2017 at ISCE – Japan, IUFRO – Greece, ESA  – USA and others. On the scientific field of the project there´s been a Ips genome sequencing by Illumina starting at Gene Level, semiochemical testing at field at Tree Level and snifferdogs demo at Tree Level (in front of 25 foresters, 10 journalist and all of this has been published at 15 newspapers and also TV broadcasted). There´s  been 2 paper published in high ranked journals (IF >10) during first 6 months of the project implementation.

The next team meeting will be held on 21st September 2017.