The April Project Team Meeting

The first regular team meeting of EXTEMIT-K project was held on 2017-04-04. Team meetings are the regular monthly meeting of the whole project team, i.e. scientific and administrative part. Meeting is led by key foreign researcher prof. Fredrik Schlyter and serves both to inform the team about the development of the project, the internal administrative rules of the CULS and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and especially to establish scientific procedures and methodologies, evaluation of progress, etc. All team members were present at this half-day meeting.

Information on many topics as the current state of public procurements relevant to the purchase of machinery and equipment or material, the procedure for domestic and foreign business trips, how to fill in timesheets, rules for publishing of scientific papers, shared disk space was given. Points for improvements of the new project website now published were discussed. Very important were information about the ongoing recruitment of postdocs and PhD. students to build the planned scientific team.

Prof. Schlyter introduced the short and long-term impacts of the recommendations of the External Advisory Board from February 6th. A number of smaller points are already covered, like the 1st version of the web site, while larger and more long terms items on structure, personnel, and teambuilding were discussed.

The next Team meeting will be held on second week of May.