Team meetings summary

Relation to faculty

Since autumn 2018 we have a new organization structure in CZU hierarchy, we set up the „Excellent team for mitigation organization unit“ and the EXTEMIT-K project is part of this unit. The FFWS has the EXTEMIT-K project and then other smaller satellite projects, which are organizationally independent from the EXTEMIT-K. Those smaller projects have their own budget and own team and are more or less scientifically supporting of the EXTEMIT-K project.

General information

The Interreg CLIMTOOL was not funded, but we joined H2020 with substantial bark beetle component to MAREAS (Italian coordination). And we have three different projects financed from NAZV.

Information on topics as the current state of public procurements and update at recruitment of post-docs and PhD students was given together with scientific summaries of the project level leaders.

For the first time a postdoc scientific and social meeting was organized jointly by EXTEMIT-K and EVA postdocs.

External Advisory Board (EAB)

During last months we also evaluated the 2nd EAB recommendation and actual status of their following. We have regular meetings between dean Turcani and Fredrik Schlyter and level leaders. There are team coffee break meetings (fika) on everyday´s basis. We´re still working on draft of “1-plans including Hypothesis” for several of the 14 tasks. We´re working on project website´s update and we´re looking for new advertising possibilities in TV and broadcast.

New lab

Our new forest molecular entomology laboratory was opened in October 2018. From the basis, Forest Molecular Entomology Laboratory (FMEL) has been projected with the special regard to its future purpose – it serves mainly bark beetle research at molecular level using state-of-the-art Metagenomic, Transcriptomic (RNA expression) and Proteomic (Protein expression) approaches.

We had our senior scientists meeting outside the faculty in November 2018. Team meetings in first half of 2019  take place on 19th February, 26th March, 16th and 17th April, 18th June. April date will be prepared as informal Scientific Meeting similar to traditional “Pherodays” meetings of SLU/LU. What´s more, there will be the 3rd EAB in May 2019, which will take place in Sweden.

We´re planning our visits on ISCE, Atlanta (06/19), ESA, Barcelona (07/19), ESA, Portland (11/19), Holland Geoscience Week (04/19), and Will Walker (SLU) and Martin Andersson (University of Lund) may be visiting us later this year.

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