The May Project Team Meeting

The next regular team meeting of EXTEMIT-K project was held on 2017-05-10. Meeting was led by research leader prof. Fredrik Schlyter.

Information on many topics as the current state of public procurements, Cloud data space options, project web page editing, update at recruitment of post-docs and technician positions, actual information in publishing of scientific papers, dates of next meetings was given.

Prof. Schlyter and other team members introduced an update at scientific part of the project, including a few papers published or in press, including an important paper in Nat. Comm. that uses the odour receptor de-orphanization protocol to be used in EXTEMIT-K, Gene level. For Tree and Landscape scale, remote sensing data from recent UAV composites was shown by doc. Peter Surovy. Prof. Milan Lstiburek introduced a very important discussion on genetics for population structure to strongly increase value of ecological data.

The next team meeting will be held on 13th June 2017.