Post-docs call

We have at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) been bestowed a large 6-yr grant “Climatic Change Impact Mitigation in Forest -from Gene to Landscape” 2017-2022. It comprises classical and molecular biology chemical ecology, forest entomology, forest genetics, remote sensing etc.

The motivation and some of structure resembles the Swedish 10-yr Linnaeus programmes, of which ours “ICE3” just finished (, to promote science in “New Member states” like Czech.

Basic Information

Forests are critical biotic elements that may act as vital carbon sinks but could become carbon sources if disrupted or improperly managed. The challenge is most acute for northern conifer forests and maybe most critical in the Central Europe regions. Our proposal endeavours to use the many facets of molecular biology now emerging in harmony with the applied science needed to manage forests. We will study genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics together with proven genetic and metabolomics (chemical ecology) and theory of plant-insect interactions, mainly for two bark beetles. We work on the conifer tree-beetle interactions at three levels of scale: Gene, Tree, and Landscape.

Among studies, we will first sequence the genome of the Ips typographus, first used for functional analysis of olfactory receptor proteins, then tree resistance will be observed and physiochemically manipulated, while landscape polycultures’ resilience will be modelled and improved by increased semiochemical diversity.

We will use the new knowledge to fine-tune our mechanistic understanding of crucial semiochemical beetle-tree relations, in particular those promising leads for innovation and management. Substantial outputs of the project will also be information, significantly changing views of the public towards forests and landscape management in close future. Project outcome will not only be scientific results and the creation of an excellent team equipped by high quality laboratory instruments. It will also bring positive impact to the public, forest and landscape management, and valuable information for political decisions.

Recruitment of 6 post-doc

The research team will consist of a combination of excellent young and more senior scientists both experienced in fundamental research, but have also senior scientists experienced in applied research.

To this end, we are now recruiting 6 postdocs, each 2 for the 3 levels of study (Gene, Tree, and Landscape). The details given in links to PDFs below. Deadline 2017 May 27th. We prefer applications only to one of the positions, if your interests would cover >1 position, please note this in your Letter of Motivation. It should be noted that candidates with exceptional performance will have good opportunities be considered for younger scientist positions after their post-doc period.



3_PostDoc_G,T,L_Chemical ecology, Insect electrophysiology

4_PostDoc_T_Forest entomology

5_PostDoc_T,L_GIS and Remote sensing

6_PostDoc_L_Forest Ecology, Dendroecology