NEWS: From molecule to the globe - investigating forest responses to climate change

We invite you to the talk: Henrik Hartmann, Dr. (habil.) Group leader at Department Biogeochemical Processes at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany.

  • Coordinator of the IUFRO task force on monitoring of patterns and trends in global tree mortality
  • Member of the core team of the International Tree Mortality Networ

From molecules (via six little legs) to the globe - investigating forest responses to climate change

The world is changing rapidly. Temperatures are increasing at an unprecedented rate, and climate extremes occur increasingly often and at a greater severity. Forests are suffering in many regions across the globe and there are concerns about a general trend of forest decline. Forest responses to heat and drought cause changes in tree physiology which, in turn, integrate at the ecosystem scale and beyond.

Talk outline:
• Investigations on tree physiological responses during drought and heat focus on the allocation of carbon to tree functional pools. • Interactions between spruce trees and the Eurasian spruce bark beetles.
• Prediction of forest responses to future climate at the global scale based on an understanding of the physiological processes in    trees interacting with biotic antagonists.

To schedule a discussion with Dr Hartmann contact A. Jirošová, e-mail: 


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