NEWS: About chemical ecology primarily from the perspective of pollinators

She talked about the effect of pollution on pollinators, the choice of plants, the difference between pollinators in different parts of the world and the impact of the climate change. After the talk an extended planning session at the buffet happened.

Next, Dr. Olsson met with Extemit-K leadership. Leaders introduced Dr. Olsson to the Extemit project, its outputs and achievements. Since Dr. Olsson has in recent years built a large international network and in light of her own research an extensive discussion on alternative funding sources, as well as international collaborations to combat climate change followed.

Dr. Olsson also met PhD students and PostDocs associated with Extemit-K members, and toured lab facilities. This was accompanied by the discussion of individual Extemit projects (mostly from G level). Finally, Dr. Olsson gave career advice to present PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers. One outcome was that Dr. Olsson will see where Dr. Grosse-Wilde could be integrated into the echo network as an expert advisor.

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