Members of EXTEMIT-K visited the ISCE conference in USA

EXTEMIT-K scientist, Dr. Anna Jirošová, Prof. Fredrik Schlyter and PhD. students Kateřina Beránková and Nicole Vošvrdová recently visited 35th annual meeting of the ISCE (International Society of Chemical Ecology) in the USA held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in June 2. - 6. 2019. The conference took place at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center and was hosted by Dr. Mark Hay and Dr. Julia Kubanek from the Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Biological Sciences and Aquatic Chemical Ecology Center.

The first day of the conference Dr. Jirošová, as a counselor of the ISCE society, gave an oral presentation with title “Physiological basis of the aggregation pheromone production in Ips

typographus”. In the afternoon our students had their poster presentation regarding their current research. Kateřina Beránková presented poster called “Design of the new monoterpenyl dispensers with required release rate” and Nicole Vošvrdová introduce her research about “Use of trained dogs as a possible alternative to detect bark beetle attacked spruce trees”. See pdfs.

The topic of the conference was „Chemistry as the Language of Life”, emphasizes that most of Earth's organisms lack eyes and ears, and sense and communicate with co-occurring organisms via chemical cues and signals. Literally, chemically mediated interactions constitute an "instruction manual" for biotic interactions and for understanding and managing populations, communities and ecosystems.

The conference was attended by nearly 300 people from all over the world and it was divided into several sections with possible participation with oral or poster presentation.

Participation in this conference undoubtedly led to the establishment of new contacts and opens up opportunities for CZU Prague researchers, especially EXTEMIT-K team members.

More information about the conference and its scientific program is available on the official meeting website.


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