1st Meeting of External Advisory Board with EXTEMIT-K team

EXTEMIT-K project board meeting was held on Feb 6, 2017, in the Pavilion of Wood Sciences at Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences (FFWS) Czech Umiversity of Life Sciences Prague (CULS), with the participation of experts, members of the research team and the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Patrik Mlynář. Efficient research ways were discussed and five experts from international research organizations were asked to submit suggestions for the project in two weeks’ time. The project called Building and Excellent Research Team at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences of CULS and equipment-technical background focused on mitigation of climate change impact in forests (gene-to-landscape levels) is co-financed by the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education, and will be implemented until the end of October, 2022.

Suggestions for the project of External Advisory Board:

Short version

Long version


Jiří Balík
Rector of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, profesor of agroenvironmental chemistry and plant nutrition.

Bill Hansson
Entomologist from the Department of Evolutionary Neuroethology, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology. He studies insect olfactory system, chemical ecology and chemoreception.

Paal Krokene
Entomologist from the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute. He investigates various aspects of conifer defence against insects and fungi, effects of climate change on forest insects, especially bark beetles (Ips typographus).

Patrik Mlynář
Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.

Sigrid Netherer
Institute of Forest Entomology, Forest Pathology and Forest Protection BOKU Vienna. Specialist in forest entomology, pathology and protection.

Lennart Olsson
Director of the Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies.

Martin Schroeder
Professor of forest entomology from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, involved in ecology, population dynamics of bark beetle (Ips typographus) and ecological risks with introduced tree species.

Johanna Witzell
Associate professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, editor-in-chief of Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research. Her research interests are forest damages, tree resistance, stress responses, and functional traits of fungal endophytes of trees, Dutch elm disease and invasive Phytophthora-species.



Fredrik Schlyter

SLU entomologist. Studies insect-plant relations: how the insect find the best plant in mixed (i.e. natural) habitats. Applications in forestry. Ornithologist.

EXTEMIT-K: Expert Project Part Leader
Levels G, T, and L. In particular G1A, T2, L1B, L2A, L3B

Muhammad Binyameen

Assistant Professor at the Dept Entomol, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences & Technology, Bahauddin Zakariya Univ, Multan, Pakistan. Insect Chemical Ecologist, Neurophysiologist, Physiological and Analytical Techniques; EAG, SSR, GC-EAD, GC-SSR, GC-MS

Identification of physiologically active semiochemicals. Insect behaviour studies using various types of olfactometers.

EXTEMIT-K: Level G Leader (Electrophysiologist), G1B

Anna Jirošová

Chemical ecology, Insect pheromone biochemistry and natural products chemistry, Analytical techniques GCxGC-MS, HPLC-MS, identification and data analysis.  Semiochemical system of host tree - bark beetles interaction (BB pheromones, host attractants, anti-attractants).


  1. Detection of trees under stress, chemical indicators of the stressed tree.
  2. Level of tree attraction for bark beetles in relation to tree physiology and genetics, forest diversity and landscape characteristics.
  3. Field activity of new physiology active semiochemicals and blend function.

EXTEMIT-K: Level T Leader (Chemical Ecology), Levels G-L (G1B, T1, L2A, L3)

Miroslav Svoboda

Professor of Silviculture and Forest Ecology at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic, head of the Department of Forest Ecology. 14 years of experience in research and scientific applications for the forest management strategies and forest dynamics. Active participant of the 4 COST Actions in the role on the management committee for the Czech Republic. 14 years of experience in project management – coordinator of the 3 projects funded by the Czech Science Foundation. Scientometry: 49 scientific papers with IF published (7 papers in press), 660 cites w/o auto-citations (WOS database); H-index=17.

EXTEMIT-K: Level L Leader (Forest Ecology), Task L1A