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Newsletters of the ISCE are published three times per year and provide information on the annual meeting, member news, employment opportunities and ballot information for ISCE elections. The current newsletter and all past newsletters are available in PDF format at website ->


Members of International Society of Chemical Ecology are also:

Ing. Anna Jirošová, Ph.D. (Scientist of Chemistry of Social Insects, ÚOCHB and member of Excelent team for mitigation-K at CZU,). Dr. Jiřošová is also for 1 year councilor of ISCE community.

Interests in the latest issue

  • - Approaching the 35th annual meeting of the International Society of Chemical Ecology and this year it will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, from 2–7 June 2019. You can visit the conference website at
  • - 2019 APACE Meeting

APACE will provide financial supports to ALAEQ and ISCE’s highly deserving Ph.D. students, postdocs or early career chemical ecologists to attend the 2019 APACE conference in Hangzhou


  • - 2019 ISCE Officer Elections - Vice President – Councilors

All members are invited to vote in the 2019 ISCE Elections. This year, the membership will vote to select a vice president and four councilors. The vice-president serves one year in this position and then serves as president in the following year. Councilors serve a three-year term and act in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee.

The online ballot is available for all paid members. Please log in to ISCE account where you can also vote for our professor Fredrik Schlyter.

Voting will close at midnight (EDT) on April 1, 2019.



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