First-day first show: “Forentomics” @ESA2020 Rocks

No, we are not talking about any just-released Hollywood movie. It is about the first Livestream section symposium “Forentomics” organized by ETM (EXTEMIT-K) scientists along with a collaborator from UKY, Lexington, USA at the ongoing ESA virtual annual meeting 2020. 


 It was live-streamed on Nov16, 2020 and attended by more than 100 attendees at the virtual ESA platform. The symposium was full of important information about bark beetle research using state of the art omics methodologies and future management. It covered a huge dimension of research work from bark beetle genome to beetle hosted tiny metagenome. One of the organizers of Forentomics, Dr Roy, believes that the future use of molecular methodologies in bark beetle management is inevitable, and this message was loud and clear from the Forentomics section symposium platform. It is the beginning of a new era in forest entomology research and pest management inside the forest under the global climate change scenario. The panel discussion at the end of the symposium further sheds light on the prospects of upcoming molecular tools for bark beetle management.

@Forentomics speakers at virtual ESA platform, 2020

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