3rd meeting of External Advisory Board with the EXTEMIT-K team

EXTEMIT-K project board meeting was held from May 26th till May 29th, 2019, in Bäckaskogs Slott, Sweden, with the participation of the EXTEMIT-K project´s scientific research leaders.

Topics, which were discussed:

  • Presentation of the EXTEMIT-K organisation,
  • Presentation of the EXTEMIT-K scientific leadership,
  • Presentation of area G, T and L.

There were a group sessions around each area (G, T and L), internal meetings of the External Advisory Board and internal meetings of the EXTEMIT-K leadership.

What´s more, we travelled to the Parismala forest and had a walk through this beautiful forest and later that day we visited the Södra´s sawmill (https://www.sodra.com/en/).

Results and conclusions and recommendations from the 3rd EAB meeting can be found here:

Files for download

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