3rd Joint Meeting of ISCE-APACE, August 8-12/ 2022, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 3rd Joint Meeting of ISCE-APACE, August 8-12/ 2022, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The team members from EXTEMIT-K has represented the bark beetle Ips typographus research current findings in the prestigious society, International Society of Chemical Ecology integrated with Asia-Pacific Association of Chemical Ecologist (ISCE-APACE).

Research findings were reported as oral and poster presentation under the topics given below Dr. Anna Jirošová, her Ph.D. students Barbora Stříbrská and Rajarajan Ramakrishnan and other students from Extemit- K Mayuri Shewale and Johny Jibin.

During the event, Rajarajan Ramakrishnan, EXTEMIT-K PhD Student received award for “international travel grant for young students” and gave talk for award winners.

Mayuri Schewale won the price for poster presentation with electroantennography topic awarded by Syntech comp.Our team members say "it was indeed an absolute pleasure to meet many excelling scientists from the research field covered in the conference"

Initial talk was given as Oral presentation by Dr. Jirošová titled “Infestation of Norway spruces by tree-killing bark beetles Ips typographus was prevented by anti-attractant baits consisting of newly added trans-4-thujanol.” Anna Jirošová, Rastislav Jakuš, Roman Modlinger, Fredrik Schlyter.

Symposium 2: Application of semiochemicals in insect pest management,

Followed by her students presented the topics, Oral presentation: Investigating pheromone biosynthesis de novo from Eurasian spruce bark beetle – Ips typographus.

Rajarajan Ramakrishnan, Amit Roy, Jaromír Hradecký, Marco Kai, Ales Svatos, Anna Jirošová

Symposium 4: Pheromones and chemoperception.  

Poster presentation: Measurable physiological and biochemical changes in Norway spruce freshly attacked by Ips typographus, as a potential base of alternative early detection methodology

  • Barbora Stříbrská, Jaromír Hradecký, Jaroslav Čepl, Ivana Tomášková, Roman Modlinger, Rastislav Jakuš, Anna Jirošová.
  • Mayuri Shewale, Blanka Kalinova: Deciphering the semiochemistry underlying host selection in Ips duplicatus Sahlberg. Antennal morphological and physiological study
  •  Jibin Johny, Ewald Grosse Wilde, Robert Hanus, Blanka Kalinova: Functional Evolution of Odorant Receptors in Termites


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