2nd meeting of External Advisory Board with EXTEMIT-K team

2nd meeting of External Advisory Board with EXTEMIT-K team

EXTEMIT-K project board meeting was held on March 14th till March 16th, 2018, in the Pavilion of Wood Sciences at Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences (FFWS) Czech Umiversity of Life Sciences Prague (CZU), with the participation of experts and members of the EXTEMIT-K research team.

Topics, which were discussed:

  • - 1st EAB recommendations: response and discussion
  • - Summary – public procurement; feedback from the managing authority – Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
  • - Summary - EXTEMIT-K team members staffing, hiring postdocs and PhD students actual situation; international scientific visits in Prague; conferences/workshops/seminars attendance; publications, web preparation and updates
  • - Questions on 1-p plans, field work
  • - New recommendations for future project implementation from EAB members to EXTEMIT-K project team

What´s more, we had, as part of the 2nd EAB meeting, a scientific mini-symposium, with those speakers and topics:


Results and conclusions from the 2n EAB meeting:

  • Recommendations of the External Advisory Board of EXTEMIT-K 2018 (short version):
  • - Comments to EAB recommendations 2018


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