Modern chemical ecology laboratories are fully in operation

The facility, which was opened in autumn of 2017, is now fully functional. In the analytical laboratory the extraction of tree bark samples and needles from stressed trees are extracted and the composition of VOS is estabilished by the GCxGC-MS TOF machine. The dynamic of beetle pheromone production is studied on the same device, taking advantage of the SPME collection technology. The sensitivity of receptors on the antennae of beetles to these types of compounds is tested on the GC-EAD.

The cold rooms enable to store logs infested with bark beetles for their conservation in living state in wintertime. During summer season, there were seven species of bark beetles collected and successfully bred in breeding rooms under control conditions. Beetles are studied and sorted in the entomological laboratory equipped with binoculars and cages to mimic the flying environment.

 Additionally, the laboratories are used for practical lessons for students.

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