A new Forest Molecular Entomology Laboratory was opened

The next step forward – in October 2018, the EXTEMIT-K project opened a new Forest Molecular Entomology Laboratory (FMEL) for obtaining higher understanding of plant – insect interaction inside the forest.

With this new highly-awaited infrastructure, the EXTEMIT-K research team obtained competitive space fully equipped for Functional Genomic studies in insects.

From the basis, Forest Molecular Entomology Laboratory (FMEL) has been projected with the special regard to its future purpose – it will serve mainly  bark beetle research at molecular level using state-of –the-art  Metagenomic, Transcriptomic (RNA expression) and Proteomic (Protein expression) approaches.

The major facility of the FME laboratory is represented mainly by:

  • the high performance thermal cycler with two independent blocks for amplification/PCR, cloning, cycle sequencing and gene expression studies and the thermo-shaker with cooling applicable in genetic analysis (DNA and RNA extraction), biochemical study of enzymatic reactions and extraction of metabolites from cellular material,
  • the high speed centrifuge with a powerful refrigeration system applicable in a wide variety of research settings, the table-top compact centrifuge for PCR tubes, microtubes and cryotubes,
  • the CO2 and termo incubator for sensitive cell cultures providing precisely controlled environment, the Microbiological Safety Cabinet with air re-circulating via Class H14 HEPA/ULPA filters to achieve the strictest safety standards,
  • the vertical laboratory autoclave with a large chambre and added features for fast cooling and efficient drying to avoid the cross contamination in laboratory.

The laboratory is also equipped with DNA,RNA and protein gel running facility .

This facility with high-tech equipment will serve also for similar scientific research conducted by the other departments of the FFWS faculty and of CZU, and as well for educational purposes.

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